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About Elite Electrical Estimating 
California's Premier Electrical Estimating Service

Elite Electrical Estimating is an industry leading independent electrical estimating service in the United States. Elite Electrical Estimating prides itself on providing cost effective bidding solutions and design to you, the contractor, at a very competitive market using the latest version of ACCUBID Pro electrical estimating software and providing a competitive, accurate & quality bid every time. 


Elite Electrical Estimating's team is comprised of former master electricians, lead electrical estimators, LEED certified technicians, Low Voltage designers/estimating and Title 24 endorsed electrical estimators. Our core motivation and ambition is to provide accurate and leading-edge bids conforming to local codes, to ensure the success and prosperity of your business

The Winning Difference

Elite's expertise specializes in preparation of hard bids, budgetary bids, design build projects and check estimates to electrical contractors, prime contractors and owners/developers.


What sets our bids apart from our competition is our versatility and ability to estimate electrical and almost all low voltage systems for comprehensive coverage of ALL systems pertaining to electrical.


At Elite Electrical Estimating, our bids our broken down and phased (where required) and are presented in an easy to comprehend format making life easy for our clients.


Once the bids are generated using the ACCUBID software database we enter ALL of the supplier/manufacturer quotes for e.g. switchgear, lights, controls, generators, Fire Alarm etc. We discuss with the client on margin %, overhead %, labor rates, burden % and on other general expenses, so we are able to ascertain as accurate and concise a bid as possible


We also provide a fully documented scope of work detailing all the items we have included in the bid, we list any clarifications involved with the project including changes and addendums that were issued, and a list of exclusions on items that are outside of your scope or capabilities.


Elite Electrical Estimating is with you and your company every step of the way through the bidding process and we are able to field questions that arise through, before the award of the project and after if need be, and perform change orders if required. 


Our clients include:


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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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